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Reiki Healing In Najafgarh

Hello! You are cordially invited to visit my online office at Thus, I am the founder of Astroreikim and have been a qualified Reiki Grandmaster and healer for the past 30 years. I am also a certified Tarot card reader, hypnotist, past life regressionist, therapist, and counselor. Using a variety of healing modalities and techniques at my disposal, we have been healing people with health, relationship, financial, career, and spiritual challenges by assisting them in releasing blocks and opening new pathways in their lives. Since then, we have also provided assistance by imparting a broad range of such training, including professional reiki. Astrorekim is a well known wellness center for reiki healing in Najafgarh, Delhi.


The Japanese word for the universal healing energy is reiki. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese allopathic physician and surgeon, rediscovers an old style of Tibetan healing (lay-on-hands healing technique). Anyone can learn and use this incredibly straightforward yet effective strategy. Reiki, which is pronounced "ray-key," is a form of divine, pure, and positive energy that derives its power from the Supreme Consciousness and has the power to heal anything and everything. Because of its spiritual roots, Reiki is the only miraculous gift from God that has been effectively used and practised in both the spiritual and physical realms of life.


Every human person possesses reiki, a marvellous heavenly gift and innate natural characteristic that may be used to cure oneself, others, and virtually anything in the universe, whether it be plants, animals, food, living things, or non-living things.


Other healing modalities are taught differently than how Reiki is taught. A basic atonement procedure, also known as an initiation, is used by a Reiki Master to transmit Reiki to a new student. During this process, the energy centers are opened, forging a lifelong connection between the recipient and the divine Cosmos. Along with transforming a regular person into a healing source, the process can sometimes lead to improvements in clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and psychic sensitivity. Both the donor and the recipient become more poised, compassionate, and in tune with the Supreme Being as a result of the process. The ability to "touch and heal" improves over time by being practiced and dedicated. "My hands are a wonderful gift with unlimited healing abilities. It has a very pious touch.