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Past Life Regression In Paschim Vihar

We are born in order to learn some life lessons. We will take another birth if this mission is not performed in this lifetime. Our prior life or lifetimes have an impact on who we are in this existence. These prior lives' events, tragedies, and acts have a relationship and an impact on our current lifetime. Past life residues can appear in a variety of forms, including somatic complaints, fears, phobias, compulsions, preferences, dislikes, and personality traits, and can arise at all levels of experience (physical, emotional, and cognitive). We must clear the residues on all levels if we are to live happy, fulfilling, and contented lives. Because residues can accumulate over numerous lives, it may be required to study each one individually in order to construct a picture of the potential reasons of current life difficulties.

Astroreikm allows an individual to securely connect to aspects of his subconscious and unconscious minds, as well as prior life times, that would otherwise be unavailable to him. It works by allowing people to return to the origins of their problems, which started in earlier lifetimes, and fix them at that level by releasing the power of the subconscious mind. Astroreikm makes use of hypnosis as a tool. Because of their altered state of awareness, people are more receptive and responsive to inner experiences. It allows a person to have access to aspects of his subconscious and unconscious minds, as well as prior life times, that would otherwise be unavailable to him. With its help, one can determine the possible sources of his current issues.

So How Does Astroreikm Work?

Consider the following problematic emotions: anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, and grief. These are felt during regression in order for the person to be free of the past's influence. This also enables the individual to transcend their current anguish into comprehension. Furthermore, returning to a previous life can give a person significant insights about what is missing in the present life, allowing him to move toward higher physical and emotional well-being. Repressed emotions and forgiveness can lead to great healing. When a person completely comprehends how prior life events may have affected their current life and is willing to let go and embark on a new road, they have reached a turning point in their current life path. The Astroreikm procedure, which includes an after-death experience, can also help to lessen the burden of a previous existence. This allows one to see a particular lifetime from a wider and larger perspective, erasing its horrors.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a type of hypnosis in which you can travel back in time to reflect on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of your current life. Please bring a scanned copy of your birth certificate to your appointment to ensure the most successful therapy. As an experienced Past Life Regression Therapy practitioner, I am aware of any difficulties or difficulties you may have faced in a previous life. I can assist you in healing and resolving these concerns. Past Life Regression Therapy, also known as Past Life Memory Therapy, is an effective method for releasing whatever burdens we may be carrying. It allows us to let go of negative energy while also introducing us to new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling.