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Past Life Regression In Najafgarh

We are born in order to learn some lessons from life. If this task is not completed in this lifetime, we will take another birth. Whatever we are in this lifetime is influenced by our previous life or lives. The events, traumas, and actions of these previous lives have a connection and an impact on our current lifetime. Past life residues can occur at all levels of experience (physical, emotional, and cognitive) and manifest in a variety of ways, including physical complaints, fears, phobias, compulsions, preferences, dislikes, and personality traits. If we are to live happy, fulfilling, and contented lives, we must cleanse the residues on all levels. Residues can accumulate over multiple lifetimes, so it may be necessary to examine each one in turn to build a picture of the possible causes of current life problems.

Astroreikim enables a person to gain access to parts of his subconscious and unconscious minds, as well as previous life times, that would otherwise be out of reach of one's awareness. It works by allowing people to go back to the roots of their problems, which originated in previous lifetimes, and solve them at that level by unleashing the power of the sub-conscious mind. Astroreikim employs hypnosis as a tool. A person's altered state of consciousness makes them more receptive and responsive to inner experiences. It enables an individual to gain access to parts of his subconscious and unconscious minds, as well as previous life times, that are otherwise unavailable to one's awareness. With its assistance, one can elucidate the possible causes of his current problems.

So How Does Astroreikim Work?

Consider the following emotions that are currently problematic: anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, and grief. These are felt during regression so that the person can release them and be free of the past's influence. This also allows the individual to transform the current agony into an understanding. Furthermore, revisiting the past life can provide a person with valuable insights into the things that are missing in the present life, allowing him to progress toward greater physical and mental well-being. Release of repressed emotions and forgiveness may result in significant healing.When an individual fully understands how past life experiences may have shaped the present life and is willing to let go and embark on a new path, they have reached a turning point in their current life direction. The after-death experience, which is a part of the Astroreikim process, can also help to reduce the impact of a past life. This enables one to view a specific lifetime from a different and larger perspective, thereby removing its traumas.

Astroreikim is available for both individuals and groups.