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Numerology Everything You Need To Know

Numerology is a divination science that studies the total sum of numbers that occur on the date of birth of an individual with the numerological correspondent of the alphabet in their name. Being said that, we can also say that numbers in all forms are associated with the lives of a person in some way or the other. Also, the month when a particular event has occurred could be reduced to a specific number, and the same applies to the year and the date (if double-digit) as well. Thus, one can say that numerology is the type of prophecy, a divination science that depends on such specific numbers and the analysis depending on them.

What is the science of numbers all about?

Numerology ahead applies the rules of mathematics in the life of a person. The numbers involved in numerology range from 1 to 9. These numbers represent a planet and hold their own distinct features. And just like astrology, it is seen that these planets influence the existence of the person in a consequential way.

Numerology helps to know about a person’s personality, behaviour, career success and luck. Numerology has its own scientific theories so it cannot be wrong.

Here is a list of things that we have learned about some of the most popular and widely used numerological techniques–its basic features, calculations, etc.

History of numerology

Numerology has its own history, which is closely related to the history of other systems of divination. It has three basic divisions: Eastern Numerology, Western Numerology and Pythagorean Numerology. Pythagoras was not given credit for discovering this system of divination, but his religious school was deeply involved in it as a whole process. Pythagoras is generally known as the father of western numerology or modern numerology. Pythagoras was not given the credit for the discovery of numerology, but his theories helped in the spread and development of numerology to a gigantic extent.